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Are Your Finances Strong Enough to Survive the Recession?

Every day the news media report more economic problems are threatening the financial stability of colleges and universities. We have all seen the news about Harvard University eliminating new hires and shutting down major capital projects because endowments have fallen precipitously

Assessing Institutions at Financial Risk

Many college and university presidents want to know if their institution is at extreme financial risk. While there is no single standard for risk assessment, there are warning signals that indicate if risk is high. NACUBO, NCHEMS, studies by KPMG and Prager, along with meta-analyses by Terrence

Dealing with the Shrinking Economy

During the past month, the country has elected a new president and the economy continues to founder. For colleges the question is how will the state of the economy shape their financial condition? The state of the economy is no mystery to anyone living through its consequences. Financial

The Challenging Strategic Environment for Higher Education

A perfect storm is forming on the distant–or maybe not so distant–horizon with a nexus among the following factors affecting colleges and universities: A rapidly changing demography, Intensifying recruitment pressures, A burgeoning population of students poorly prepared for higher

Workforce Shortages – Do We or Don’t We?

It is my belief that workforce shortages have been creeping up on the US for the past 10 years. With our rapid emersion into economic globalization, these workforce shortages that are quickly developing will become a priority issue within the coming five years. This is not a question of having