Higher Education Policy and Practice

Criticism of the Scoring Consistency of DOE’s Financial Health Tests

Every year, the Department of Education (DOE) scores the financial health of colleges and universities that issue financial aid under the auspices of Title IV funds. The problem is that tests are computed differently across regions, within regions, and by the same person within a region. Why

Rules for Delegating Project Management

Presidents and chief administrative officers need to develop a fine hand at delegating authority.  My recent blog on Scarce Resources speaks to the limited amount of time and energy that the top level administrators have.  If the president tries to do everything for everyone else, then nothing

Scarce Resources – Time, Energy, Staff & Money

Every college president faces the same challenge of figuring out what to do with the limited resources they have available.  Scarce resources are usually defined in terms of money.  In 1974, James G. March and Michael Cohen proposed that in higher education, scarce resources should also include

Nuggets from Stevens Strategy’s Market Research

We have developed our market research service to help clients better understand the nature of today’s higher education marketplace.  Recent surveys have explored a wide variety of topics, from basic preferences for college size, location, and academic major to complex issues such as openness to

Colleague Discourse – What Will Colleges Look Like in Ten Years?

This blog is different from other blogs that Stevens Strategy has published.  We want to spark a discussion about the future of colleges.  The main issues of this discussion are: Are private, liberal arts colleges going through a paradigm shift? If colleges are going through a paradigm shift,

A Good Coach Improves Your Capacity to Lead

When coaching is really good, it is difficult to discern who is coaching whom, since the communication goes two ways.  I have been on the giving and receiving end of coaching since I was a kid.  I learned to ask questions as part of listening, and my teachers built their guidance around my

Tectonic Shift Coming in Course Pricing

On May 4th, Richard DeMillo’s article, So You’ve Got Technology; So What? in the Digital Campus published by Chronicle of Higher Education boldly claimed that new technology is ready to blast apart the traditional pricing model of higher education.  In the same publication, another article, One

Has Tuition Discounting Lost Its Mojo?

NACUBO Warns – Enrollments May Be Declining with Tuition Discounts NACUBO just published its survey of tuition discounting, and the results are disturbing.  For the first time, a number of private colleges reported that new student enrollment declined despite increases in a

Relentless Push by President to Control Tuition Rates

President Obama wants colleges and universities to stop increasing tuition rates.  His State of the Union address, followed by speeches at several colleges and universities, indicates that controlling tuition rates are high on his agenda.  Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, has followed up

The Liberal Arts and Professional Learning

Some of us swear by our liberal arts education and want to be sure that this kind of learning is preserved in our ever changing society.  Our country has enabled us to partake in what is perhaps higher education’s greatest achievement:  colleges and universities, here and abroad, that provide