American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan

Stevens Strategy provided advice on the layout of AUCA’s financial planning model with particular reference to its presentation for its endowment advisory board and provided support to its chief financial officer who is new to educational management.

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We received excellent succinct advice about financial planning including overall strategy and backup business plans. Don’t like working without them, although by now I have assimilated their teachings because they explain things so well. I would love to have Stevens and Townsley write up my financial strategic plan for donors and future trustees.
– Dr. Ellen Hurwitz, President, American University of Central Asia, Kyrgystan

Stevens Strategy worked over the span of one week with faculty, staff, senior officers and board members to assess progress to date in strategic planning, identify new strategic issues and develop ideas and strategies for the future of AUCA.

Stevens Strategy commands respect internationally because of its high quality and its adaptability to the institutions that it serves. It has universally applicable methodologies that are people centered as well as grounded in the realities of the academic marketplace. John Stevens elicited immediate respect from our multi-national faculty because of his command of strategic planning for academic institutions and his seemingly effortless ease in working with a complex academic community. Our planning group was able to articulate and focus its work and sharpen the University’s mission and values thanks to John’s facilitation and good humor.
– Dr. Ellen Hurwitz, President, American University of Central Asia, Kyrgystan