Financial Analysis

Senior Consultant Michael Townsley conducts an analysis of your institution’s financial condition based upon a review of your financial and enrollment documents for the previous five years. He then delivers a presentation to the President, Cabinet and/or Board in clear terms about the institution’s current condition and, its likely future scenario including a set of recommended strategic decisions that your institution could make to improve its financial prospects. Following his presentation, he facilitates a discussion on achieving a state of financial strength at your institution. Dr. Townsley is the author of The Small College Guide to Financial Health: Weathering Turbulent Times, an update to 2002’s The Small College Guide to Financial Health: Beating the Odds, both published by NACUBO between 2002 and 2009. His newest book, Financial Strategy and Management Guidebook for Presidents, Chief Administrative Officers, and Boards of Trustees in Higher Education, was recently published by Stevens Strategy. His Financial Analysis presentation includes his views on how well your institution is addressing the financial challenges his research has identified as particularly threatening to all colleges, universities and schools.