Financial Analysis & Planning

Develop a Financial Plan With In-Depth Analysis

Understand your economic system and make smart financial decisions.

Through financial planning, we guide you in the preparation of comprehensive plans for financial operations, reporting systems, benchmarking and other methods to manage your finances more effectively. Our Financial Planning Model predicts institutional income and expense over periods of five years. It is a fixed and variable income/cost model that is designed to respond to all the relevant financial planning assumptions at your campus. We design and test the model, using your historical audited financial information. Our Revenue Center Analysis System identifies the divisions or schools that generate cash for your institution and those that use it, showing the way to making thoughtful resource allocation decisions.

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  • “Our needs for a strategic Interim CFO, while we conducted an external search for a Vice-President of Administration and Finance, were fully met and exceeded all expectations. Mr. Bob DeColfmacker quickly analyzed and understood the complex interaction of our financial situation in relation to accreditation, board of trustee culture, campus morale, and the challenging economy. He instantly earned respect and confidence from the campus community and represented the University with the highest professionalism and credibility. Bob was the consummate professional at all times and provided both support and opposing opinions during private meetings and Cabinet discussions. [Stevens Strategy] brings a team rich in talent and experience.”
  • “Mike did an outstanding job, and we are already at work in our attempt to implement his recommendations for our business office. He worked very well with our colleagues and helped them to understand their present business processes before recommending changes that will improve our performance. It was definitely a cross-cultural experience for Mike, and he handled it well, indeed.”
    Dr. Peter H. Armacost, President/Rector, Foreman Christian College; Lahore, Pakistan
  • “Our expectations were focused on the creation of a sophisticated, but easy to use, Financial Planning Model that would provide forecasting data, reports and scenarios that could be incorporated into fiscal and strategic planning and provide a good format for sharing data and results with others. [Stevens Strategy] exceeded my expectations. This was a very efficient, successful project that produced a valuable planning tool that will serve KWC well as we work to incorporate strategic, financial and operational changes in the overall operation. The [Stevens Strategy] staff is very capable AND personable to work with.”
    Cindra K. Stiff, Chief Financial Officer, Kentucky Wesleyan College