Focused Strategic Analysis

Strategic Assessment and Analysis for Colleges, Universities & Schools

Think and act strategically in all areas of your institution.

In addition to comprehensive strategic planning, we work closely with our clients in providing a variety of strategic analyses that focus on selected areas within the institution, specific issues or unique planning scenarios. We apply the principles of our comprehensive strategic planning process to particular institutional needs to enable institutional leadership to evaluate the environment, think strategically and make significant decisions about the future with confidence and alacrity.

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  • “Hiring [Stevens Strategy] to facilitate the comprehensive academic review at JCSU was an inspired decision. They were instrumental in assisting the University to undertake an important and critical institutional activity which will ultimately position the University to be a high performing institution with a bright and certain future. This process was rigorous and time consuming and [Stevens Strategy] was there consistently providing the expertise and guidance that was required for a successful outcome. John was completely available and knowledgeable and respected the institutional culture of JCSU. I would gladly hire [Stevens Strategy] again to engage in a similar undertaking.”
    Dr. Elfred Pinkard, Executive Vice President,
  • “We were confident that [Stevens Strategy] was one of the best consulting groups in the U.S. The Financial Assessment Report will be used as the basis for decisions regarding our strategic plan and mission-centered approach to future growth and vitality… The report is concise and to the point. We were impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the consultants. [Stevens Strategy] delivered what you promised, and we appreciate it!”
    Dr. Cheryl King, President,