Related Policy Manual Services

Comprehensive Facilitation of the Policy Manual Preparation Process

We also provide a comprehensive facilitation service during Policy Manual preparation for an additional fee. As part of the facilitation service, Stevens Strategy representatives schedule regular bi-weekly on-campus visits, meeting with school representatives and campus governance bodies to ensure that national best practices are thoroughly considered and time-lines for the drafting process are adhered to. While off-site, Stevens Strategy representatives are in constant communication with your institution to determine areas that need most of our facilitation attention. Our campus visits focus on areas that need the most support to complete the drafts effectively.

Best Practice Faculty Governance Policy Development

Stevens Strategy is a leader in drafting and formulating faculty related governance practices and policies that incorporate current industry best practices. We offer expertise in developing modern definitions and practices regarding faculty rank and contract terms, appropriate faculty hiring procedures, faculty evaluation criteria and procedures, development and/or enhancement of appropriate faculty committees, tenure and post-tenure faculty review procedures, and policies regarding advancement in rank. Our comprehensive facilitation service is included with the Faculty Governance Policy Development product. And our Faculty Governance Policy Development service is included in the Institution-Wide Policy Development and Facilitation products but can be purchased separately depending on the individual needs of the institution.

Individual Policy, Handbook, and Bylaws Development and Revision

For clients whose policy needs are concentrated in specific institutional areas, we offer individualized services as small-scale alternatives to our comprehensive Institution-Wide Policy Manual Service. Example projects include:

  • Creation or revision of faculty, student, or staff handbooks
  • Development of board bylaws
  • Updating of all institutional policies to comply with a specific regulation, suck as sexual assault protocols

Whatever your institutional policy needs, we will design a project tailored to fit your unique culture and strategic goals.