Focused Strategic Analysis

Focused Strategic Analysis

Institutions are periodically faced with big, hard, existential decisions: To turnaround or close in the face of financial infirmity, to anticipate a prospective adverse environmental development or to respond to a contemporary challenge to its long-held mission and values. The solutions to conundrums like these require institutional leaders and the campus community to accept and embrace fundamental change. Stevens Strategy is extremely successful in leading processes that help campuses face these existential challenges with optimism, determination, and ultimately, success. In other words, we help institutions make impossible change happen.

Our Focused Strategic Analysis service includes one or more of the following components:

  • The conduct of an emergency situational analysis and development of short and long term turnaround plans.

  • The conduct, analysis and presentation of research on a difficult prospective strategic decision.

  • The facilitation of a cross-functional institutional team charged with conducting an objective analysis of a strategic decision and reporting regularly to the full campus community.

  • The facilitation of the development of recommendations that will shape realistically the optimum scenario for the College’s future so that the institution may thrive in the long term.