Candidate Identification Search

Our Candidate Identification Search process focuses on back-room search support—securing qualified candidates for our clients in an expedited fashion and costing about half as much as a traditional search process. Unlike a traditional search, the client develops the job description, classification and desired salary range for the open position, manages the internal search decision-making process, conducts off-site or campus visits with semi-finalists and finalists, addresses candidate negotiations and is responsible for the appointment process. By taking institutional ownership of these elements of the search process and relying on Stevens Strategy for back-room search support, considerable savings are realized.

Psychological Fit Testing
As a powerful complement to our general search service, we also provide a state-of-the-art psychological testing service. Using the science of personality, we identify and provide personalized reports for each candidate being seriously considered indicating which candidates are more or less likely to fit and excel in the position you seek to fill.