Online Trustee Education Program (this service is in development)

Trustees and directors of colleges, universities and school play a critical role in the current governance and future success of the institution. Yet, while many trustees and directors are very qualified and experienced in their individual careers, they are often unprepared for the deeply complex, nuanced and fast-changing higher education environment. Usually, new board members take at least a year to grasp the terminology, the special shared responsibility model in higher education and the complex regulatory environment in which schools operate. They may also view today’s college experience through the lens of their own college years, not understanding the contemporary operating environment and changing institutional cultures. To help improve institutional governance, Stevens Strategy offers an online learning platform that will allow trustees and directors to study independently and at home. This modular program will give both new and experienced trustees a more in-depth look at specific higher education topics and skills necessary to contribute at the highest levels of the organization. Participating trustees will not only have an opportunity to learn from the experience of Stevens Strategy consultants, but also become part of our peer-to-peer network of college and university trustees.