About Us


We will be the firm colleges, universities and schools call when they must make critical decisions about their future.


We are a full-service consulting firm specializing in managing the process of strategic change in colleges, universities and schools.   Our team of highly experienced consultants actively engages with our clients to assess and adapt to an ever-changing environment through understanding of culture, analysis of data, thoughtful planning, adherence to sound governance principles, policy development, and effective implementation of strategy.   We serve independent and public institutions from the largest universities to the smallest colleges and schools in America and the world.


  • – A relentless commitment to customer service and the success of our clients
  • – A dedication to making impossible change happen for our clients
  • – A passion for helping colleges, universities and schools to thrive
  • – A belief that the whole campus community should be involved in significant change
  • – An ethos that balances strong leadership with broad ownership
  • – A pledge to build organizational agility and timely decision-making
  • – A style that encourages hard work, high quality results, good humor and human kindness