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Is Your Institution Structurally Inefficient?

Executive Summary Efficiency in higher education is an amusing topic that is best left to economists. Everyone including the inhabitants of a college or university knows that the institution in inherently inefficient due to poorly designed operational policies, procedures, decision rubrics,

Advertising in an Era of Fierce Price Competition

Current market conditions are leading colleges to be more aggressive in discounting tuition to compete for students who believe that there are only small differences in majors among colleges.  Stevens Strategy Senior Consultant Michael Townsley’s blog discusses these market condition and

Demographic & Labor Market Difficulties for Small, Independent Institutions: A Deeper Dive

Read Stevens Strategy Senior Consultant Michael Townsley’s take on the numbers behind the troubling demographic and financial challenges facing small, independent institutions.


While demographic, technological and industry changes have been pressuring schools for a decade now, the pandemic has forced many schools into weakened financial positions, especially as it relates to cash available to support operations. This paper examines what colleges and universities need

“The Times They Are a Changing”

By Mike Townsley & Bob DeColfmacker, Senior Consultants Stevens Strategy, LLC Last year was the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival and an appropriate time to reference Bob Dylan’s 1964 hit “The Times They Are a Changing.” The song was an anthem to the tumultuous 1960’s, and