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Do not Cross State Lines – Is the New Online Regulatory Environment Preventing Opportunity and Access?

The higher education press is filled with coverage of the “new” online regulatory environment.  Focused on ensuring the quality of online programs and “protecting” the student consumer, states have put forth an array of requirements.  But, is this the best path to achieve those “protections”

How to Manage Effectively Your Institution’s Policies

When I initially started working with higher education clients to develop their policies, it quickly became evident that the typical higher education organizational structure leads to a “silo” approach to policy development.  That is, responsibility for managing policy tends to be distributed

Delta Cost Project Summary

The Delta Cost Project (sponsored by the Lumina Foundation) analyzes and reports on the implications of major spending trends in public and private institutions of higher education.  Because the report is lengthy and time is valuable for presidents and chief administrators, Stevens Strategy is

Department of Education Pushes SACS to Redo an Accreditation

On Tuesday, September 19th, the Chronicle of Higher Education contained a news item that is very worrisome for Accreditation Commissions and Colleges or Universities.  The Department of Education (DOE) notified the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) that it had failed to follow

How Students Are Cutting Costs and Speeding Up Their Degree Completion

The average total posted tuition charge for a 124-credit undergraduate degree is $109,172 with a net tuition charge after financial aid of $63,172, according to College Board data for 2009-10.  While the total amount seems to be modest, the balance is often paid from a family’s discretionary