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Sub-Prime Credit Crunch Poised to Hit Colleges

Daily news articles are reporting that the sub-prime loan debacle will hit higher education this fall. State lenders, major national lenders like Sallie Mae, and colleges and universities are reporting that they cannot get investors to buy their sub-prime loan packages. In almost every case,

Protecting our Students in the Age of FERPA

In what is now becoming an all too familiar occurrence, there have been two more on-campus shooting incidents in the recent weeks. While it is too early to determine whether these latest incidents were preventable, other on-campus tragedies have resulted in many commentators questioning whether

Pricing Pressures in Higher Education

Price as a market clearing device is sometimes distorted in higher education because of the academe’s not-for-profit social purpose and endowment income, for instance. Colleges also often distort price when their governance structures make them slow to react to market forces, unable to

Keys for Successful Turnaround Strategies

Turnarounds are cyclical events at most tuition-driven colleges as enrollments grow and provide excess income, then tail off, draining reserves from the growth period. Financial data over the past decade reflects this porpoising effect showing how colleges pop above zero net income and then

Dr. Ann Austin’s 2008 CIC Presentation

Stevens Strategy was pleased to sponsor the CIC President’s Institute January 6th Plenary Session presentation by Dr. Ann Austin, entitled “Rethinking Faculty Work: Issues and Challenges in Independent Colleges and Universities.” Dr. Austin is a highly regarded scholar who is