Stevens Strategy is a full-service consulting firm specializing in managing the process of strategic change in colleges, universities and schools.

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  • Institutional Vision and Strategy

    Stevens Strategy’s founding principle is to provide guidance and support to colleges, universities and schools as they examine their internal and external environments and develop compelling visons and strategies that will ensure that they not only survive, but thrive.

  • Strategic Organizational Leadership

    Stevens Strategy helps colleges, universities and schools to optimize their strategic organizations through a series of services that improve institutional governance and leadership practices.

  • Market and Program Analytics

    Stevens Strategy provides its clients the tools they need to determine which programs they should offer, what the primary markets are for those programs, what the optimum price should be for the programs and which student they should admit to significantly improve quality, retention and graduation rates.

  • Finance and Data Analytics

    Through financial planning, Stevens Strategy guides you in the preparation of comprehensive plans for financial operations, reporting systems, performance analysis and other methods to manage your finances more effectively.

  • Institution-Wide Policy Manual Development

    Stevens Strategy’s Policy Manual service consists of the organization and preparation of a systematized and comprehensive policy manual that allows all members of the campus community to have access to a consistent, “living” policy manual in which there is only one policy on each addressed topic.

  • Real stories from Stevens Strategy clients. A synthesis of video testimonials collected in celebration of Stevens Strategy’s 10-year anniversary.

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    • “Over the past 10 years, Vaughn College has engaged Stevens Strategy in a variety of projects from an institution-wide strategic planning effort and academic program review to board development and financial modeling. We continue to work with this dynamic group because of their ability to understand institutional issues, frame those issues for the constituents involved and help to lead constructive and engaging conversations on our campus. This exceptional service is the result of John Stevens and Brendan Leonard’s insightful and visionary ability to assist you in taking your institution to the next level. Every time we have worked with John, Brendan and the rest of the team they have exceeded our expectations.”
      Dr. Sharon DeVivo, Senior Vice President,
    • “Hiring Stevens Strategy to facilitate the comprehensive academic review at JCSU was an inspired decision. They were instrumental in assisting the University to undertake an important and critical institutional activity which will ultimately position the University to be a high performing institution with a bright and certain future. This process was rigorous and time consuming and Stevens Strategy was there consistently providing the expertise and guidance that was required for a successful outcome. John was completely available and knowledgeable and respected the institutional culture of JCSU. I would gladly hire Stevens Strategy again to engage in a similar undertaking.”
      Dr. Elfred Pinkard, Executive Vice President,
    • “I found it most reassuring to have a consulting firm the caliber of Stevens Strategy in chairing a major task force. John Stevens was most supportive throughout the entire six months of the study. His strong skills as a presenter, along with his experience and knowledge base, proved most beneficial. His understanding of “process” assisted the task force in submitting a compelling, data driven report with openness and sensitivity. With the support and guidance of Stevens Strategy the report has been approved by the Board and openly accepted by our many communities. Immaculata University is now poised for an excitingand rewarding future.”
      John Wingerter, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, and Task Force Chair,
    • “We were confident that Stevens Strategy was one of the best consulting groups in the U.S. The Financial Assessment Report will be used as the basis for decisions regarding our strategic plan and mission-centered approach to future growth and vitality… The report is concise and to the point. We were impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the consultants. Stevens Strategy delivered what you promised, and we appreciate it!”
      Dr. Cheryl King, President,
    • “To you John and Brendan, as well as all those at Stevens Strategy — with a special thanks to Michael for all the financial work and help — we at Rosemont are so grateful. You did say that you hoped to exceed our expectations (which were really high!) and you did. You have certainly been there for us, in so many ways, all the way through what for us was an amazing, historic, and transformative process. Thank you.”
      Dr. Sharon Hirsh, President,
    • “Our expectation was to move from numerous siloed manuals, from countless loose policy memos, from out-of-date difficult to locate documents—to one living policy manual for the College community. I believe we have what we were looking for. The ease of contact and quick response from Stevens Strategy on all issues great and small; this kept the process in motion. Stephen and Elise were attentive to every detail. The key to this project lies in the knowledge and professionalism of the Stevens Strategy project director, Stephen Lazarus. He was superb—patient, helpful and relentless in pursuit of the proper end.”
      Dr. William J. Stegmayer, Director of Institutional Research,
    • “Our expectation entering this contract was to better understand our pricing abilities. Stevens Strategy met these expectations, providing important feedback on how our pricing has impacted enrollment…(W)e would use Stevens Strategy again…to focus on areas requiring surveys and complex statistical analysis.”
      Michele Peterson, Associate Vice President, Fort Lewis University
    • “We were looking for assistance in facilitating dialog among our colleges…and models for faculty governance that would address the concerns of all the colleges… Stevens Strategy’s greatest strength is their experience and availability to assist when situations became complicated. It was great to have someone outside of the institution that I could talk to about the politically sensitive nature of our project.”
      Anonymous project participant, Lewis University
    • “I needed a ready-to-use procedure for faculty evaluation…(integrating) the perspectives of a number of experts of international renown…[Stevens Strategy provided] knowledge of best western practices in the field…We find it to be a balanced, comprehensive and thorough proposal for the evaluation of the academic staff at Innopolis University.  We appreciate the clarification of roles played by department heads and the adoption of a qualitative approach.  We also welcome the distinction between the annual review and the second-year review.”
      Petr Umnov, Head of General Affairs, Innopolis University (Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia)