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Dr. John Stevens and Dr. Michael Townsley are available to answer your questions regarding the overall strategy and financial health of your institution. Please use the form below to contact us directly. We will respond to your questions promptly, in most cases within 24 hours.

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Books by Dr. Townsley

Senior Consultant Dr. Michael Townsley has written two critically acclaimed books to help guide college presidents through difficult financial times:

Books by Dr Michael Townsley

The latest book examines the financial and strategic resources that private colleges and universities must have in place to withstand the storm. Small college presidents, CFOs, planners, chief academic officers, and board members will find substantive guidance here on analyzing financial condition, reshaping strategy, implementing best practices, weathering rocky periods, and designing turnarounds.

How can I obtain a copy of this book?

The Small College Guide to Financial Health is available from NACUBO.

Tools for Building Financially Strong and Vital Colleges

This presentation discusses financial strategic principles, keys to financial strategy, debt management, self-diagnosis of financial condition, and sample financial goals.

Turnaround Strategies

Presidents and others will find a concise discussion of the steps needed to build a strategic turnaround plan. The presentation covers diagnosis, goals, and steps to designing a turnaround strategy.

Cash Is King

Finance in the short-term always boils down to cash. This paper was presented at the Presidents Conference for the Council of Independent Colleges in 2002.

Market Driven Strategies

Financial strategy and market strategies go hand-in-hand. Presidents looking to understand the dynamic relationships between financial and marketing strategies will want to read this presentation.

Financial Toolbox

Dr. Townsley has taken the ratios, planning sheets, and other financial planning documents from his book and put them together in a CD as a “Financial Toolbox”. The CD will be available this Spring from NACUBO. It will be useful for Presidents to give to their CFOs to diagnose the college’s financial condition and to plan and prepare financial strategies. The CD will include worksheets that will permit the College to select appropriate financial measurements. This toolbox is available through NACUBO.

Diagnostics and Strategy

Strategic planning rests on understanding the condition of the college. Presidents can use this information to begin diagnostic analysis of finances, marketing, academics, and other areas of the institution.

CFI Worksheet

Chief Financial Officers can use this worksheet to compute a Composite Financial Index. This generates an index score that suggests relative financial condition. KPMG and Prager, McCarthy, and Sealy developed the Index to estimate the financial health of private colleges.

CFI Scoring Guide

The scoring guide suggests the implications for ranges of CFI scores.

The following case studies illustrate various factors that influence financial condition and how some colleges have responded to financial stress.

Case Study: New World College

Case Study: Hot Shot College