Client Satisfaction

All Stevens Strategy clients are asked to rate Stevens Strategy on a numerical scale for our performance in all service components for each project. The scale is from 1 to 10: 1 is “not Satisfied at All” and 10 is “Completely Satisfied.” Following is the tabulation of all the results to date.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results:
Score Service Component
9.40 Overall project success
9.45 Overall project management
9.60 Communication
9.41 Documentation and other resources provided
9.40 Written reports
9.26 Oral presentations
9.39 Meeting management/facilitation
9.65 Adherence to deadlines/timeliness
9.76 Billing and administrative services
9.34 Value of services compared to price for services
9.33 Other: Client Designations*
9.46 Overall Average Score

*Availability, Collaborative Abilities, Friendliness, Interpersonal Skills, Knowledge of Culture of Higher Education, Personal Integrity, Professionalism, Responsiveness to Critique.