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Stevens Strategy provided an analytical review of all academic and non-academic revenue generating programs at Johnson C. Smith University that engaged faculty, staff, alumni and trustees in the process. The program review process had four key analytic components: Mission-Centeredness, Quality and Marketability reviews based in part on Stevens Strategy survey research and a Responsibility Center Data-based Analysis conducted by Stevens Strategy. Johnson C. Smith University was able to optimize its program offerings, make significant shifts in institutional quality and achieve multi-million dollar improvements in financial performance.

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Hiring Stevens Strategy to facilitate the comprehensive academic review at JCSU was an inspired decision. They were instrumental in assisting the University to undertake an important and critical institutional activity which will ultimately position the University to be a high performing institution with a bright and certain future. This process was rigorous and time consuming and Stevens Strategy was there consistently providing the expertise and guidance that was required for a successful outcome. John was completely available and knowledgeable and respected the institutional culture of JCSU. I would gladly hire Stevens Strategy again to engage in a similar undertaking.
– Dr. Elfred Pinkard, Executive Vice President, Johnson C. Smith University

Thanks John: I think we have made faculty feel that we care about the integrity of this review and we made it possible for them to learn more about the methodologies so that they can make their case with confidence. I indeed have enjoyed working with you.
– School Dean, Johnson C. Smith University

I’m glad that I have been able to assist you in this process! I’ve definitely learned a lot and really appreciate our sidebar conversations. A BIG thank you!!!
– IR Staff Member, Johnson C. Smith University

I appreciate your dedication and expertise… (and) have enjoyed getting to know you… It has also been a very educational and thought-provoking process.
– Academic Department Head, Johnson C. Smith University

I have certainly learned a lot from you and from this process. Thank you for the opportunity to learn new things and see my campus in a new light. Thanks for your patience…
– Faculty Member, Johnson C. Smith University