Smart Transitions


Methodology and Philosophy

We work with our executive leaders one-on-one, within a “case study” approach, over an agreed-upon length of time, during specific times of transition.

We are committed to the self-awareness, growth, and success of the executive leaders with whom we work.  We are also committed to the success of the institutions that they—and we—serve. These dual commitments are best achieved through confidentiality, trust, and a high level of expertise.   To that end:

  • We are facilitators, listeners, and questioners.
  • We are sounding boards, bringing an informed, yet dis-interested, objective perspective to a wide range of issues related to organizational dynamics and political environments, options for strategic organizational growth, and personnel management.
  • We are catalysts for the leader’s ability both to imagine future possibilities and to plan and execute the actions that will make possibility a reality.

We believe that great leaders “lead from strength.”  We believe that even great leaders can benefit from having a formalized executive consulting relationship with another experienced, successful professional who is familiar with the environment of executive leadership.  We believe in a client / consultant relationship built on trust, a relationship that encourages an executive leader to take advantage of his or her strengths to achieve success.

As executive leaders move into new positions of responsibility, they will inevitably encounter new and unexpected challenges.  They will also learn that it really is “lonely at the top.” Those with whom they can be completely candid about leadership’s complexities, opportunities, and challenges will become fewer and fewer. 

At Smart Transitions, we can help fill the conversation, analysis, and sounding board “gap” at the top. 

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