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Relentless Push by President to Control Tuition Rates

President Obama wants colleges and universities to stop increasing tuition rates.  His State of the Union address, followed by speeches at several colleges and universities, indicates that controlling tuition rates are high on his agenda.  Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, has followed up

The Liberal Arts and Professional Learning

Some of us swear by our liberal arts education and want to be sure that this kind of learning is preserved in our ever changing society.  Our country has enabled us to partake in what is perhaps higher education’s greatest achievement:  colleges and universities, here and abroad, that provide

The Trustees’ Role in Institutional Innovation

Innovation is fine with the stasists among us…as long as nothing changes. Most people like to think of themselves as wise dynamists (those willing and able to adapt to changes in our environment) as opposed to the silly stasists (those trying to keep things the same despite the plethora of

Are Private and Public Tuition Rates Converging?

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported tuition increases at public colleges outpaced private colleges over the last 10 years.  The total increase in sticker price above the rate of inflation for public colleges was 72% versus 29% for privates.  The divergence in price increases

A Modest Proposal for An Alternative to the Classic Four-Year Degree

Most bachelor’s degrees are typically structured around a strong liberal arts component with the remaining courses aimed at developing expertise in a major that may or may not be useful when a graduate enters the job market.  For instance, in a 124 hour degree program, nearly 50% of the