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Applicant Success Assessment

Applicant Success Assessment (ASA)

Dramatic Retention Results after Two Years!

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What is the Applicant Success Assessment?

The ASA tests students’ readiness for college.  Our non-cognitive scores improve retention, generating millions of dollars in additional income.

Does it work?

Stevens Strategy has tested the ASA system for two years at two clients with dramatic results, ranging from a 14% to a 29% improvement in retention.

ASA and Retention

1-Year Retention Fall 16 to Fall 17 Fall 17 to Fall 18
Client A Client B Client A Client B
All Matriculants 78% 55% 69% 58%
Matriculants Who Did Not Respond to Survey 73% 49% 64% 51%
% Decrease in Retention -6% -11% -7% -12%
Top 50% of ASA Respondents 90% 69% 79% 72%
% Increase in Retention 15% 25% 14% 24%
Top 20% of ASA Respondents 92% 71% 81% 67%
% increase in Retention 18% 29% 17% 16%


Applicant Success Assessment is now available to test applicants for only thousands of dollars a year resulting in millions of dollars in additional income. Contact us today to improve quality and raise revenues at your college.

To view the Applicant Success Assessment presentation, please click here

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