The college has achieved seven years of consistent growth since 2012, reporting the highest enrollment in its history in the fall of 2019 (more than doubling from 746 in 2012 to 1620 in 2019), well on the way to meeting the planning model predictions through 2020.

We have provided sound and professional consulting support to over 100 colleges, including Wilson. But difficult decisions and outstanding results don’t occur just because a competent consultant suggests them, they can only occur with competent institutional leadership, too. Wilson College was blessed with expert leadership from a brave and capable President, Barbara Mistick, who began her tenure as President of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities on September 1 st , 2019.

Please take a look at Wilson college’s report on their progress through fall 2018, and join me in congratulating its amazingly successful leader for her accomplishments there and her new position at NAICU.